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This Diva NEEDS her Stage babyyy..

Never quit, follow through, i hate mess but i love you

3 November 1989
My name is Maria. I will be a freshman this year @ Central Michigan University. I plan to study communication disorders in hopes of becoming a speech pathologist one day. I am very outgoing and love doing new things. I like partying but not to the point that i forget a good night. I am definitely NOT shy and definitely NOT afraid to speak my mind. I have some great friends, but its pointless to name them all cuz they know who they are. I absolutely love my family, i would take a bullet for any of them. Another thing, i LOVE the Detroit Tigers, well Andrew Miller anyway. He is the absolute cutest. I used to do community theatre but haven't in awhile, cuz i have been focusing all my time on work and school. I also am in a relationship, but with those things you just never know, right? but i guess were good for now. That's all about as of this moment, but my life is still unwritten...


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