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18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

So I am fnally legal, and I have to say it is AMAZING!

Today was seriously just such a fun day!
went to the casino twice (lost 20 the first WON 50 bucks the second time!)
hit up the hookah bar.
smoked a cigar.
pretty much did everything i could.

haha guess tomorrow i get to buy a lotto ticket.


i am really living to this quote now.

that is the most amazing quote ever and just explains EVERYTHING

everyone should go by it!

peace out<3

It's finally happening...

Tomorrow I move away for a college.  always thought about it when I was younger speaking of my crazy careers and what I wished to become..even if my dreams were just beyond extravagant.  And it seems like just yesterday I was in high school, but, now the day finally approaches.  I'll kiss goodbye my childhood, my home,  and everything in it.   Even though that a change is coming, I am ready for that change.  I am ready for whatever the world is going to throw at me.  I am ready to keep writing my life...this story is not over yet, it's not even begun.  So now i will say goodbye to home securities and comfort and hello to a world of the college poor student, party life.  I cannot wait to see what that life has in store for me! :D

ohh and i will update from time to time if i can!

Central Michigan University here I come!


I leave tomorrow for New York City, goshhhh i am sooo excited!

shopping, clubbing, Chicago broadway play, times square... :D

Back in a week.

I couldn't stay away...

I'm baaaaackkk!

So I decided I had to come back to the life of spilling my life out to people, aka live journal.

*I leave for New York City in a little over than a week!  I am so thrilled to finally get to go there.  I will be there for a week seeing shows, shopping, clubbing, EATING (ha i love food).  But it's gonna be a kick-ass time.

*August 5th-my last day of work everrr at mchell...2 years wowwww why did i do that to myself.  Really, though, i made some great friends and memories...oh and MONEY! :P

*August 17th-I leave for CMU leadership safari camp and then school starts...oh and i have bowling as a class..how cool is that?! : D
til next time lj! :]

So overdue for an update.

Hi LJ remember me? 
haha no but seriously i haven't updated in forever, this will probably be my last time actually writing in my journal, i just don't have time for it anymore. (But if something huge occurs i might post again)

it's been a wonderful 3 years, but i am done.

So here's a recap of my life as of this moment:
I got accepted into CMU and WSU.
I am going to CMU this fall and studying speech pathology.
I really like my boyfriend, even though he is super shy ; ]
I am going on a cruise to the bahamas this Spring Break with my family and best friend :]
Prom is in 3 months.
I graduate in 4.
Scared? Yes 
Excited? Most definitely.

Au revoir, Adios, Good Bye!

Mike and I became official last night



kay, that's all i need to definietely get more sleep!

Dec. 25th, 2006

Merry Christmas! 

Yes, I definietely have to say that I love this time of the year.   
: ]

There is only one day left until XMAS BREAK!  Thank god!
i will definitely be hanging out and catching up with some people.  Seems like everyone is in college now...well it will be my turn in about 6 months (that is still crazy)

I am hanging out with mike tomorrow, should be fun ;]

umm well i gotta go to school

maybe i will add more to this later?

but yeah y'all should call me so we can hang out this break!

Due for an Update i think...

Pretty much my life has been going amazing right now. School is going wonderfully, work is actually alright, and heyy i can't complain about this boy i have been seeing ; ]

ohh and before i forget i just wanna say that I absolutely LOVE Tran-Siberian Orchestra...I went to my 4th (idk really know for a fact) concert of there's and they just keep getting better and better. SUCH AN AWESOME SHOW!

Speaking of shows...
High School Musical is going to be at my school some time in April.  Dione will be directing so that is sure to be quite a fun time.

AND...i applied to all of my colleges so yay for that.

Kay, that's all.

: ]

Ohh and I cannot wait until Christmas, it's such a great holiday--> 9 days!

i'm not dead...oh and


one of my favorite holdidays...pig out ALL DAY LONG!

mmm :D

everyone have a good one!